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CannaFlower Power!

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This detoxifying facial packs a punch with microdermabrasion, light peel, mask and organic hemp seed oil elixir. This treatment sloughs off the dead surface layers of the skin and stimulates an increase in collagen production, instantly improving the texture and tone of your skin. CannaFlower Power is a gentle, yet power packed, deep cleansing facial treatment! Affordably priced to keep your skin glowing and healthy all year long. Organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

A note about hemp seed oil.: Oil is your friend, you free-spirited non-conformist flower child. We were tricked for many years with buzzwords, like non-comedogenic and oil-free, into thinking that oil was bad for our skin. It's just not true. Well, to use a buzzword, Cannabis Sativa, aka, Hemp seed oil is actually 100% non-comedogenic. This therapeutic elixir is a blend chock full of organic, skin loving EFA's (essential fatty acids, omega oils). This awesome wrinkle smoothing, acne fighting, sensitive skin soothing blend benefits ALL skin types. Even those suffering with adult onset acne and rosacea. Teens benefit from nature's gift of various plant oils as well. One of my favorites is organic, unrefined hemp seed oil. This legal, non-psychoactive oil is used for cooking, hair and skin care and more. It's available at your local grocery stores. George Washington himself was a hemp farmer! Thomas Jefferson drafted both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution on hemp paper! But I digress (I do this often). For more information on hemp, my blog is coming soon.. 

Allow 45 minutes

Add decollete $20

Add Oxygen Infusion $40

Oxygen infusion Included free for a limited time!

Package of three $195

*No physical peeling. Please refrain from hot-yoga, hiking, or heavy workouts for at least at least 24 hours after treatment. No recreational sun exposure two days prior to and after treatment is suggested.