Welcome beauties to the home of AudGirl Aesthetics and WildWallFlower Botanicals.


Do you feel like your rock star party days are starting to take a toll on your skin? Feeling, or looking a little haggard this morning? Whether you spend your time partying in the sun, the slopes or the club (for you yutes, as my Mom would say), there is hope for you yet!  I am dedicated to bringing great products and services to you without the ridiculous price tag attached by those in the massive, high end branch of the skin care industry. These $500, $1,000 and up skin care products are complete bullsh!t as far as I'm concerned. Ask any dermatologist worth his/her salt.  Have you heard the saying, you should be counting chemicals, not calories when it comes to food? It's the same for skin care. There is some nasty stuff out there that the FDA still allows in our cosmetics. A bill is crawling like a snail through congress for stricter regulations. 

I have been in the skincare industry and a licensed esthetician for over twenty years. I truly love it. My facials are good for all skin types as they can be customized for for any individual's needs. I trust in a back to basics, meets modern science approach to skin care and treatments. Keeping your skin healthy, hydrated and gently exfoliated is the key to maintaining vibrant skin. 

Now, for a little tough love. Skin care products are just skin care products. Not surgery. So, please don't expect them to yield the results of a freakish face pulling, duck lip puffing, fat from your ass injected into your face, procedure. (Not that there's anything wrong with that if that's your thing), It's just not going to come in a jar.

There is an unending world of products and product claims out there. My mission is to make you feel good in your own skin. I strive to find a happy medium between what science says and what nature says is okay to use on the skin. The products I use are wildcrafted, botanical (my fellow blondes, that means made from plants and flowers) and all that good stuff, with fewer of the chemicals used in mainstream skin care.

You deserve to look as good as you feel. Don't hate those fine lines and wrinkles. You spent many years earning them and had a great time doing it. Let's put them to rest. Party on and moisturize, my hot, forever-youthful  friends!

Yours truly,